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ACT Reading Tutoring

Are you an incredibly fast reader who can scan through a document, pick out the vital information and then comprehend the entire piece? If you said “no” to yourself at any point during that question, you are going to need to work with one of our private ACT reading tutors. Within this forty question, thirty-five-minute portion of the ACT you will have to read over four sections. Each of these sections will have one long and two shorter paragraphs. Based on what you read, there will then be several multiple choice questions for you to answer. This is just one portion of the exam, but it is also one of the most important.

A thing that students often struggle with when they get into college is the amount of reading that they have to now do. High schools do their best to prepare students but honestly, the only way to get ready is to be thrown in with the wolves. You will have to do the in-class reading, out of class reading and everything else in between. Majors are not important, the majority of your time spent in college will be reading. But anyone with a high school diploma can skim over and briefly read the expensive textbooks you will rent during your time in college. Skimming through is not going to be enough for most people, they are going to have to go in-depth with the material which takes a certain amount of comprehension.

Each student retains information differently, but the ACT tests your ability to rise to the occasion and get things done. There are speed reading tricks that you can utilize that will drastically decrease the time in which it takes you to go through the prose. When I had to take the ACT, I struggled with not being able to get everything done in a timely manner. When the clock struck zero, I was out of time and still had answers to fill out. It was a horrible feeling to have to put my pencil down knowing that I was not even able to complete my work. I then got the help of a tutor and they were able to relay some of the skills to me that I had wished I knew in high school.

I still use several of the speed reading skills that I learned to this day and it has helped me become a better reader. Reading and comprehension tutors will make sure that you are not reaching for an answer and that you actually know what you are doing. Guessing and arbitrarily feeling in bubbles is not a viable plan of action.

You want to walk into the exam with confidence that was given to you because you found “ACT reading tutoring near me.” You will feel like the ACT does not have anything on you when you get the help that you need. Be committed to achieving greatness by sitting down with a tutor who can alter the way you approach this exam and learning in general.


Who we hire?


Premier Tutoring is geared up and ready to go for college admission season. Students all over the country are panicking at this particular time of the year because their test scores are not as good as they should be after taking the ACT a few times. Now the clock is ticking, college applications are due and things are not looking good for the student. They call us up searching for “ACT reading tutors near me” and we can hook them up no problem. But before we focus on this, let's rewind a few months and show you what your experience could be like. It is your junior year in high school and the fall semester is just about to start.

You have all of your fresh new books, binders, notebooks, and writing utensils. Looking up at the school you have called yours for the last two years, you have a huge smile on your face as this is going to be your year. You go to all of your classes on the first day and instantly you realize you are going to have a problem in English. There is a ridiculous amount of reading that you will have to do and it is going to take a ton of your time. Then you go meet with your advisor as they do their beginning of the year check-in. They let you know the ACT dates and when you need to have your applications due.

Although it is months away, you know given all of the work you have to do in your other classes on top of the sports you play that things are going to heat up rather quickly. Given the fact that reading is one of your weakest subjects, your advisor lets you know that you should think about getting an ACT reading tutor. It will help ease your mind for when it is time to actually take the test. You head the warning and find a reputable tutoring service called Premier Tutoring. You reach out and get in touch with one of our reps. In no time they have you set up with private ACT reading tutoring sessions. You can also get ACT math tutoring as well.

You enjoy working with your reading tutor and things are going great on your mock exams when the time comes you will not have to stress about this exam at all. However, just as you predicted things are getting tough in your English class. The literature you are reading is over your head and causing all types of turmoil in your life. You talk with your tutor and find out they actually have a degree in English, so they can help you. Premier Tutoring gives you a larger package and you split your time with the tutor. Sometimes you work on ACT reading and other times you work on the literature from your English class.

Since you are so confident in your abilities to take the ACT you enroll in the very first one and you knock it out of the park. The grade you get will allow you to be admitted to every college you hoped to enroll in. With that under your belt, you can now focus on your other classes and keeping that GPA high. Thanks to Premier Tutoring you were able to do great on the ACT and finish your year out strong without having to frantically run around like a crazed person on fire. Plan for the future so that you can relax while the others fly around like scared bats. Call us up now so you can start working toward a brighter future.


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